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Busy Weekends.

A couple projects completed this weekend and a mystery solved.  We have had trouble with our exterior illumination for a while now, it has gotten so bad that we play a little game called Pole Light Roulette. Where we see if the light will actually go on! The game has gone on since we bought […]

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It must be Memorial Day Weekend!

Two projects that have been on the docket for a couple of years now were taken care of today.  First, we took care of the garbage cans. We didn’t like the look of them sitting in the drive way so we made a little pad for them to sit on on the side of the […]

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Lawn update

The back yard has been sort of a second priority since we bought the house.  After all, not every house comes with a gravel pit!  The previous owners had pulled out the in ground pool and for some reason filled the area with gravel.  Our first plan was to backfill the area with grass clippings, […]

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From Scrap to Beauty

Anyone who knows me knows that I am frugal, I hold onto anything I think I can use down the road. When we were building the deck we ended up with a bunch of extra railing parts. Rather than throw them out (the railings were expensive!) I held onto them. I knew that I would […]

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Deck Update: New Patio Set

Ok so we can’t actually take credit for building this (other than the few steps in the instruction manual) but it does make a whole world of difference.  We found the set at BJ’s, It came with the table, 4 regular chairs, 2 swivel chairs and a matching side table that is the same height.  […]

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Playing catch-up: #4 The Deck

Project run summer 2010. With the living room, dining room and kitchen all set we turned our attention outside.  We had already tackled the jungle of shrubs that had blocked the house from the street (an all-day affair that we will have to post about).  But now it was time to tackle the back yard. […]

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