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Playing catch-up: #4 The Deck

Project run summer 2010. With the living room, dining room and kitchen all set we turned our attention outside.  We had already tackled the jungle of shrubs that had blocked the house from the street (an all-day affair that we will have to post about).  But now it was time to tackle the back yard. […]

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Playing catch-up: #3 The Kitchen

Project run spring 2010. We knew from the moment we walked into the house for the first time that the kitchen was going to need work.  The cabinets were new, a light oak, the counter top and back splash was a sea of powder blue laminate.  The laminate had come unattached in some spots so […]

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Playing catch-up: #2 The Dining Room

Project run summer 2009. With the living room done we moved onto the dining room.  From the get go we had a definite idea of what the dining room was going to look like, a real show stopper.  We had a Georgian style dining room set from the 1940’s in cherry wood.  The room already […]

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Playing catch-up: #1 The Living Room

Project run summer 2009. How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. We had a whole house, our first house, and we knew that we wanted to change everything. But where do you start? We started in the first room you see when you walk into the house, the living room. Now […]

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Welcome to the House Project

What happens when a young couple who love classical charm buy a non descript 1965 Garrison Colonial in a suburb development?  You are about to find out. Welcome to our House project.  Where we took a relatively decent “turn-key” and turned it into a “project house.” The plan was simple. Buy a house, take 1 […]

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