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Adventures in Molding

Not related to our house project but I never say no to an opportunity to practice my molding skills.  My buddy built an entertainment center in his basement made up of IKEA cabinets, an electric fireplace and some other cabinets he had.  I take no credit for the build but the baseboard, crown (oh how […]

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Lawn update

The back yard has been sort of a second priority since we bought the house.  After all, not every house comes with a gravel pit!  The previous owners had pulled out the in ground pool and for some reason filled the area with gravel.  Our first plan was to backfill the area with grass clippings, […]

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The Hallway Project, update 2.1

Take that 10th grade geometry!!!.  And with the completion of the frames on the stairs this project once again comes to a standstill as I have to make more fluted casings for the rest of the hallway. The frames are not perfect, (I am too much of a perfectionist) as with everything else on this […]

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The Hallway Project, update 2

We are still working on the stairs.  Finally got the railing and put it up.  It isn’t what we wanted, we were looking for a single board but it ended up being one of those composite ones. Anyway, we got the railing up and some of the frames.  Once I figure out angles and math […]

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