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Just a Geek moment.

So we hung the TV on the wall, but I had wires just sticking out of the wall, and some were not long enough so I had to put my audio visual components not where I wanted them but where the wires dictated.  Until I found this cool plate cover!! So what does one do?  […]

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I like old junk

I don’t consider myself cheap, but I do like free stuff. One of the driving reasons behind the Office renovation was to upgrade the furniture in the room.  To recap we were using a handed down Sauder computer desk, a vintage kitchen table, two mismatched chairs, 5 mismatched book cases, two different filing cabinets, and […]

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The Office, a final post, well sort of?

First off, let me apologize for this being so long in coming. I knew from the outset that I wanted the molding in this room to be special.  I always wanted to put molding on the ceiling, but I was always scared.  The tin ceiling in the kitchen helped to give me confidence.  The problem […]

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Why Thrift Stores are Cool

  Yes, those are two matching chairs to our 1940′s dining room set!  We found them at a local thrift store by accident while looking for end tables for our living room.  The picture is a little misleading, before they are usable they need to be re-glued, re-stained and re-varnished. The best part is when we […]

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