And now for something totally different

We are currently working on the stairs and second floor hallway. Our plans involve.

  1. floating the damaged walls (wallpaper removal gone wrong)
  2. new molding, baseboard and fluted casings
  3. wall frames up the stairs and on the 2nd floor landing
  4. new risers on stairs and
  5. new railings on stairs, including home built newel posts.

Until we can post pictures from this project I am leaving you with a couple pictures of side projects.  The first is a book shelf extension for a desk and the second is a tabletop podium.  Anyone who knows me knows that for better or worse I hold onto every scrap piece of wood. The book shelf extension is made of scrap shelving that came with the house.  The podium is made of plywood from another project and melamine salvaged from when we redid the master closet.

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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