The Hallway Project, Part 1:

Since after Thanksgiving we have been working on our hallway…the plan was to take our time as the hallway is on the second floor and not really something that guests see.  I guess we accomplished the plan as we are still not done!

In case you don’t remember, the hallway was in particularly bad shape when we purchased the house.  The entire hallway and stairs were covered with hideous green carpeting that was stained and matted.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the guy who installed the carpet as he used more staples than Home Depot caries!  Talk about double and TRIPPLE staples!  Anyway if that wasn’t bad enough (3 hours for carpet removal, 2 days for staples) we also took the old painted wallpaper down.  This only served to gauge the walls beyond recognition!  Someone at some point also tried re-staining and repainting the railings, key phrase is tried.

The Plan:

  • Skim coat walls
  • Change molding
  • Reface stair kicks
  • New railings
  • Wainscoting

So far the walls have been smoothed and half the molding is up (we ran out of flutes so we have to make more)

Because of our weird semi open floor plan with the hallway and living room being separated only by a narrow breeze wall we wanted to make a statement with the hallway.  We knew it had to be the same color as the living room (which we absolutely love) but we wanted it to feel more formal.  The answer was to repeat the wall treatment we had used in the dining room.

The first wall frame is up!  Eventually the frames will go up the stairs, under the hand rail and across the top wall of the landing (between master bedroom and bath) but not down the entire hallway.  We are also going with the more formal casing molding we used in the living room and dining room with the closet getting rosettes while the other rooms get the classical header.

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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