Playing catch-up: #1 The Living Room

Project run summer 2009.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.

We had a whole house, our first house, and we knew that we wanted to change everything. But where do you start? We started in the first room you see when you walk into the house, the living room. Now being a 1965 Colonial, you have the long bowling alley style living room that is too long and too narrow by today’s standards, to make matters worse we don’t have a traditional front hallway, just a breeze wall and that is it.  We knew we wanted to enjoy the fireplace and we knew we didn’t want the “no-touch” room.  When we shared our plans about putting the TV in the living room we received confused looks from family but we pushed ahead.

On to the renovation:  It looks like our house was wall to wall wallpaper in every room.  The good news was that at some point a previous owner had taken the wall paper down.  The bad news was that in the process  of taking the wall paper down they gouged up the walls pretty good and then painted the living room, stairs, and 2nd floor hallway a ghastly pea green color. Completely unacceptable.  Solution: 2 tubs of compound, and a heck of a lot of dust.

Midway through the process, thankfully after we had primed the walls and painted the ceiling, our floor guy showed up and stopped the project.

After moving in, and two months later, we were able to finish the room. As part of our plan to add some classical character we replaced the old 3” colonial baseboard with a new 5” 3 piece classical baseboard.  We added casings to the two open passageways with custom flutes (made from scratch, I plan on talking more about those later on) and classical friezes. Crown molding finished off the architectual elements of the room.  We also replaced all switches, plugs, plates and vents with new white ones (the previous ones were a hodgepodge of tans and paint splattered)

As always, enjoy the pictures.

Admittedly the Living Room is not yet done.  Future plans include refacing the brick and hearth of the Fireplace; adding an upper mantel on the fireplace; and replacing the slate in the entranceway.

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2 Responses to Playing catch-up: #1 The Living Room

  1. Amato says:

    Nice job, Chris. The trim looks amazing against the resurfaced hardwood.

  2. mom says:

    love it love it.. keep the pics coming.. you need to take more pics of the finished product… like the new furniture in the living room and the curtains in the dining room.. when you are done…i have many projocts for you to do at my house!!!!!

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