The Hallway Project, update

The Hallway is moving along, we finished the 2nd floor landing with the chair rail and the wall frames.  The only difficult part of the project was deciding 2 frames or 3?  As you can see we went with the two which looks perfect as the three were too box shape and lacked that great rectangular shape.  Also as a bonus I finally got wall frames that perfectly align with the golden triangle (1:1.681), I am, if nothing else, a History geek.

Everything laid out and ready to go.  I always precut all of the pieces before I start, this way I don’t have to keep running up and down stairs cutting stock.  Now before anyone asks, yes I know some people suggest that you build the frames first and then put them on the wall, but I find it easier to build them on the wall. Note my lines on the wall, I always draw the frames out so I can see any issues before I start gluing and nailing the wood to the wall.

Finished! It always amazes me how quickly the frames go up and how quickly it changes the look of the wall.

One final picture, the completed landing as you look up the stairs.

This brings the project to yet another standstill.  We have to get more flutes going (I am going to have to put a post about how we build them), build new newel posts and put up new railings, and run the frames down the stairs.  In a nutshell almost there!!


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