From Scrap to Beauty

Anyone who knows me knows that I am frugal, I hold onto anything I think I can use down the road. When we were building the deck we ended up with a bunch of extra railing parts. Rather than throw them out (the railings were expensive!) I held onto them. I knew that I would build something cool with them. What exactly? I had no idea but I knew it would be cool!

And so the parts sat piled in the basement that is until we saw some planter boxes at the supermarket for sale. They were perfect and expensive ($49.00 each!). I right away remembered the railings. So Friday I finally got some time, I picked up an 8’ Azek board and cut it into 8 12” pieces. Assembled with screws and glue, I then notched the railing to cover the top and corners. Not bad for a nights work.

We moved the box hedges back to the steps (where they had been before the deck was built.) It gives the deck a very regal look…

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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