The Hallway Project, update 2.1

Take that 10th grade geometry!!!.  And with the completion of the frames on the stairs this project once again comes to a standstill as I have to make more fluted casings for the rest of the hallway.

The frames are not perfect, (I am too much of a perfectionist) as with everything else on this blog this was a learning experience, but that is also why they invented compound and caulk!

We went with the three frames for a couple reasons first visually I just prefer the long frames to the tall ones (as is evident in the rest of the house). And second, the original plan was to support the handrail with four brackets, one for each gap.  That is still the plan but we couldn’t get the spacing on the first floor landing just right so we had to alter it and leave much more space above the frames.

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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