Clearing the Docket

With the office over hall coming in less than 24 hours I cleared two long overdue projects from the to do list. First I finally have completed the two massive cabinets for a customer.  Sadly I have no in progress shots but them are 13” deep, 20” tall and 49” long with sliding doors.  I used rubber chair protectors on the bottom of the doors to help them slide better.  Once they are hanging up I will post another picture.

Second I completed my second IKEA hack.  5 years ago when we got married we bought a 420 TV stand and a $20 book case from Target to serve as our entertainment center.  This system worked fine while we had a 28” TV but looked absolutely ridicules with a 46” flat screen sitting on it.

I needed a deep TV stand that fit my receiver so I got the Lack TV stand from IKEA, but it was not tall enough for the components so I bought a matching shelf and cut it up to make the sides. The result is a low sleek modern look.  A stark contrast with the chaos of before, especially with the TV mounted on the wall (a story in itself).

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