Cabinets: The final post.

This was a project that took far too long to complete but other things kept getting in the way (stair, hallway, office demo, etc.) I finally got to hang the cabinets today, and as promised I have some great pictures of them hanging in the customers shop.  The customer wanted the cabinets to stretch the entire 99 inch length of a countertop they already had in their shop and they had to have sliding doors.  To stretch the entire 99 inches I built two 44.5 inch wide cabinets, 26 inches tall and 13 inches deep.  The boxes are made from ¾ inch plywood glued, nailed, and screwed together (I am a fan of overkill when it comes to construction).  To make the doors slide I took some poplar and put two ¾ inch channels in each (one top, one bottom) with the dado blade on the table saw.  The doors and back are made from ½ inch cabinet grade plywood.  To help the doors slide more easily I cut them 1/8 inch too short and put chair floor protectors on the bottom. The shelf has three adjustments and is once again the ¾ inch plywood, but I faced it with a strip of 1 inch poplar for extra support and the shelf spans all 44 inches and it may have heavy bottles on it.  I faced the cabinets with strips of poplar to hide the ends of the plywood and to give them a more finished look.  All and all not bad, they look good for my first attempt and the customer was happy.


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