The Office Project: Day 10

The project is moving ahead, we are about 2 days behind schedule.  The plan was to be sheet rocking yesterday but we just started insulating yesterday.  But good news! Electrical is all done, the 2 ceiling fixtures have been replaced by eight five inch recessed lights and a ceiling fan mount.    On the outside we moved the light beside the sliders and added a second on the other side. We also took the opportunity to fix some of the vinyl siding.

The lights are hand me downs we got from my parents.  They were brass colonial lights that had seen better days.  No fear, some automotive primer, sandpaper and black spray paint and they look like brand new light fixtures.  Now we are just waiting on the vinyl trim pieces we bought and then we will be hanging them on the house.

We will post more once the sheetrock is up.  So for now, as always, enjoy the photos!

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