The Office, a final post, well sort of?

First off, let me apologize for this being so long in coming.

I knew from the outset that I wanted the molding in this room to be special.  I always wanted to put molding on the ceiling, but I was always scared.  The tin ceiling in the kitchen helped to give me confidence.  The problem now was that I wanted to go crazy and do coffers. (I love classical molding designs)  The problem was that my ceilings are less than high enough for a proper coffer.  The only possible answer was FAUX COFFERS!

The next problem was how to lay out the coffers, the room is rectangular  but  has an odd shape with the laundry room jutting into the room near the sliders, this had always bugged me as I am a big symmetry guy and it made any sort of coffer design that mush more annoying as nothing seems to lineup right.  I had found the ceiling design in a book of classical design and now it was time to make it come true.  What I loved about the design I came up with was that I was going to use the ceiling to divide the room up.  The area in front of the sliders where the laundry room jutted into the office would be one massive coffer over the tiled mudroom areas; while the rest of the room would be the classical inspired pattern of squares and rectangles.

Much like all of my projects when I am doing something for the first time I really had no idea where to begin so I began where I thought I should and installed the crown molding around the room first.  Being a built up three piece molding (my first attempt) I put the wall and ceiling pieces on first, leaving my more fragile decorative crown for later.  Rather than build massive L shaped pieces I decided to install the molding separately and use pocket holes to hold it all together.  Almost all of my molding is made out of MDF, a miracle material that has little to no shrinkage and can be fairly easily shaped.  But best of all it is cheap!

After the crown was done, I moved to laying out the coffers.  I began near the sliders, and then moved to the entrance way, I wanted the coffer that was over the door leading into the room to be a perfect square (did I mention I am a fan of symmetry?).

After all the coffers were laid out I put ¼ strips of pine along all the edges to give the pieces depth and shadow.  Finally the crown went up to complete the ceiling treatments.

After the ceiling was done we moved onto the floor; when we purchased the house it was the only room to have wall to wall carpet, not our most favorite but not necessarily a draw back.  The problem was that this carpet was well past its prime, and was always getting dirty when someone came in through the garage or the sliders.  The solution was to create a faux mudroom along the entire wall near the sliders and garage door by tiling it all.

The rest of the room got engineered hardwood.  The hardwood went down easy with its snap and lock system. It is also darker than the rest of the house but perfect for a library/office setting.  And it helps that this hardwood is nowhere near the rest of our hardwood.

As always, enjoy the photos.


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