I like old junk

I don’t consider myself cheap, but I do like free stuff.

One of the driving reasons behind the Office renovation was to upgrade the furniture in the room.  To recap we were using a handed down Sauder computer desk, a vintage kitchen table, two mismatched chairs, 5 mismatched book cases, two different filing cabinets, and a 1950’s TV/Stereo unit. In case you forgot:

Back in June a buddy of mine told me about this desk he saw on the side of the road.  I saw it and didn’t think much of it, it was a light oak color, it had hideous 1950’s “modern” style legs and a design that screamed MAD MEN.  Not that there is anything wrong with the 1950’s but I’m more of an 1850’s kind of guy.  I wanted something a bit more library/study/office/drawing room kind of feel, you know a nice cherry desk that you could do work at, or read at, or plan the conquest of the world from…and that 1950’s desk was not cutting it any better than the Sauder we already had.  Fast forward to August.  I’m driving with my same buddy and we see the same desk still on the side of the road, so we stop and check it out.  To my surprise It was a massive Lawyers desk, and a boat of one too!  It featured Six drawers, a built in filing cabinet and a way to lock all the drawers at once.  After talking to the owners and determining that it was in fact free, well it just happened to get loaded onto my buddies truck and unloaded in my garage.

Now came the fun part, the restoration.  At one point someone had covered the top with a sheet of Formica, so through pure brute force I removed the Formica to discover hardwood beneath it. (Why people cover beautiful wood with plastic is beyond me)  The Entire desk got a sanding, striping it back to bare wood.











A couple coats of Cherry stain and some semi-gloss poly and voila!  The wife got in on this one too, she was searching and searching for new pull handles until she busted out the bar keepers friend polish.

Yes those are before and after pictures!!

As always, enjoy the photos.

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