The Office Ceiling…take 2

photo (1)

So the plan for February break was to build the built-ins that will be the focal point of the room.  However, that is not quite what happened…Around Christmas time we noticed that all of the joints in the ceiling were opening up.  Thankfully the solution was a quick one, we had strategically placed all of the joints at the crossing points so all we had to do was add decorative caps at the cross points, and viola!  Irony would have it that that was the original plan but had been scratched when we saw the more clean line look without them.  The fix wasn’t difficult, just some ¼ ply with spacers and caulk.  But as with everything it was time consuming.  We also took the opportunity to fix some of the more noticeable taping errors from when we put the ceiling up.   Overall I think it finishes the ceiling nicely.


And now a teaser of what is coming up…


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