A Case of Casings

new8It has been a long two days but the casings are just about finished.  I wanted to wait until the blinds were back up before sharing this but it looks too darn good to keep to myself.  As you might remember, if you have been keeping up withe the blog, the office/library is a bowling alley with sliders at one end and this window at the other, I wanted to make both ends match so I designed this molding masterpiece to be at one end to counter the brightness of the sliders at the other.


The plan for this room was always to show off as much molding as possible. (The wife likes to say it looks like molding threw up all over the place!)  I knew from the start that I wanted to use the neoclassical casings like we did in the living room.  The problem was actually this corner,  I had three doorways, each a different height.  The solution was to bring the Architrave (header, top piece, lintel, frieze, entablature, your choice really…) all the way up to the ceiling.  This would even out the height issue of the doorways, add to the elegance, and make the ceiling visually higher.

I will leave you with a couple action shots.  As always enjoy the photos:






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