Focal Wall Begins

study 2

One of the many purposes of the Office (as it all comes together I find myself calling the Office a Study now) project was to accommodate my ever growing collection of books.  Yes, I am a dinosaur, I still love the feel of a book and much prefer it to e-readers but I digress.  Today the bases for the new wall of books has been assembled.  Because of a floor vent we had to raise the book cases up.  Nothing some 2×6’s couldn’t handle. If you are wondering about that bump out in the middle, it is for a custom faux fireplace.  (What Study would be complete without one?) The plan is to take 4 of the IKEA Billy bookcases, modify them so they look less modern and more traditional and build a faux fireplace in the middle of them.

For those of you who have forgotten, a quick before picture. Note the Target dorm shelves on the right that couldn’t quite handle all the books.


And a preconstruction/demo shot.

study 1

Check back as the wall takes shape.

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