Built-in progress

builtin 2 2

It has been a busy weekend.  We started by cutting out the floating floor under the platforms for the built-ins.  The padding was too good and the floors flex a little too much to put heavy book cases on.  The platforms were then bolted to the wall and shimmed level. (Two days of painstaking misery!)  I have done enough finished carpentry to know that it will all be worth it when the bookcases go on and the doors don’t need too much adjusting.  These are not the book cases we are going to use, but ones we had in the house.  Hence the oversize look of the bases. The plan is to get the deep IKEA Billy’s and put glass doors on them, but this should give you an idea of the final product.  When we get the Billy’s I will post what we do to them.  (You have to know by now that all IKEA products are hacked before they are allowed to be put up anywhere in the house.)

One of the biggest problems to deal with wasn’t the uneven floors or the wavy walls but the fact that the built-ins were going over two of our four air vents.  Not necessarily a problem but switching from a 4×12 to a 2×12 was going to be a problem.  This was my solution.  I know somewhere an HVAC Tec is crying because of it but it has no leaks and most importantly it works.

builtin 2 3

This is a view from the kitchen.  I can’t wait for this project to be finished and my books can go on the shelves!

builtin 2 1On the docket for this week is the faux fireplace.  The plan is to have the fireplace done and primed before Easter…


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