Playing catch-up: #2 The Dining Room

Project run summer 2009.

With the living room done we moved onto the dining room.  From the get go we had a definite idea of what the dining room was going to look like, a real show stopper.  We had a Georgian style dining room set from the 1940’s in cherry wood.  The room already had a chair rail made from the same molding as the window casings.  The only thing the room was missing was more molding!

Much like the living room, the walls were trashed and needed a good coating of compound to flatten them out.  The new casings in the doorways made the chair rail no longer usable so we replaced that with new molding that better fit the classical style architecture we were going with.

The fluted casings were once again homemade; I used a different method this time with the finish that gave a more smooth finish, but shallower flutes.  This was the first time I had done wall frames so I built them on the wall rather than preassembling them first.  They came out so good that we are going to use them along the stairs when we get to that project.  The Crown molding was installed the same day we did the living room and the baseboard is the same 3 piece style that has become our new standard look. Much like in the living room we also replaced all switches, plugs, plates and vents with new white ones.

A new chandelier from EBay and new plugs and plates completed the look.

The two hardest elements in the room were the wall color and the lighting fixture.  From the outset I wanted red, while the wife thought that the red would make the room too dark and instead wanted to go with a mustard yellow or a neutral beige so that the room blended into the living room.  That makes the fact that the wife picked the final color only that much more ironic.

The second hardest element is the carpet, as you can see we are still working on that detail!

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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