Channeling our inner Downton

Happy Easter!  Once again we are hosting a holiday with a traditional sit down dinner which means out come the fine china and silverware.  So if we are going to set the table for our guests we might as well set it correctly…  It takes about two hours to set our table.  Our 1940′s dining room set is designed to seat six with the leaf in but we put an extension on the end (which I have to rebuild better…but that is another project for another day…) to seat the eight to ten that we are expecting.


The tools of the trade: Scrap paper for doing math, and tape measures (yes multiple).   Ideally we would have a butlers stick; a 24 inch long device used to lay out a single place setting, but we cheat with a folding wooden ruler.


40 minutes in and the plates are all positioned perfectly with a little over the required 24 inches from center to center.


Next come the utensils and crystal, we are only having two courses at the table so no need for spoons as the desert course is buffet and casual.  We also put out less crystal this year to save valuable table space, we decided to do family style serving this year rather than turning the kitchen into a buffet.


All set and ready for guests!

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