It must be Memorial Day Weekend!

Two projects that have been on the docket for a couple of years now were taken care of today.  First, we took care of the garbage cans.


We didn’t like the look of them sitting in the drive way so we made a little pad for them to sit on on the side of the house.

The plan.  Take a portion of the side garden (that we have to tackle eventually any ways) and put them there.


Originally we were going to pore a cement pad on the side of the house, but the bricks work just fine, and best part is they are easy to pick up and move if we ever have too.


You can still see them but it looks a lot neater.


Next was the vegetable garden.  We have wanted one of these for a number of years, in fact I built the raised bed about 3 years ago and it has been moved from place to place around the yard since then!

We finally settled for a spot next to the deck.


29 cubic feet of dirt later and presto!  Vegetable garden!  We are now the proud parents of 4 tomato plants, 3 squash plant, 3 zucchini plants and 3 jalapeno plants!



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