Busy Weekends.

A couple projects completed this weekend and a mystery solved.  We have had trouble with our exterior illumination for a while now, it has gotten so bad that we play a little game called Pole Light Roulette. Where we see if the light will actually go on!

The game has gone on since we bought the house five years ago primarily because we couldn’t decide on new lights to put outside.  Well that all ended this weekend when we finally found a set at Lowes that we liked.

First up was the light next to the front door.  The original fixture (well the fixture that came with the house at least) had been painted multiple times and was showing its age.


Whoever previously painted it also painted the bricks around it, leaving a nice neat little outline where the light had been.  The solution was to take one of the vinyl mounting blocks and cut the back off so that it would sit flat on the brick surface.  I also had to switch the mounting screws to 1½ inch screws to make up for the added space.   But the result speaks for itself.


Next up was the Pole Lamp.  The bain of my existence.  It worked for probably the first month we owned the house, then it worked sometimes, then it gave up working all together.  I was convinced that the fixture was bad.  First up we painted the pole a satin black to match the new black fixture.


What followed was a scene reminiscent of the National Lampoons movies, everything as wired up, everything tested correct, we through the switch and….nothing!  Nothing!?  The next four hours (not maing this up) was spent trying to figure this out.  We switched light bulbs. We tested the fixture.  We tested the wire. We opened junction boxes.  And then we found this…


And then almost as if by magic this happened!


Relaxing after a victorious days work!


A preview of things to come….


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