The Study gets a door

As soon as we decided to use our side room as a study/library we realized that it needed a door for some privacy.  After overcoming some initial skepticism about the hallway becoming the “hall of doors” or the door making the hallway darker than it is already, we went and purchased a 15 light glass door.


Dry run, showing how cool it will look….

After getting home the door lived in the corner for a couple months as we completed other projects. (We built a patio for our fire pit that I still need to post on!)  Finally we were ready to hang the door.  Luckily the door opening was 32” wide and standard height so we didn’t have to take it out or make it wider to fit a door.  Because all the molding was already up and painted, and because we didn’t have to change the door opening, we opted to hang the door ourselves.

This was something we have never done so there was some nervous looks before we used the router to make the mortises for the hinges in the casing…


Success!  Dry run of the door up. This is from our kitchen and you can see the bathroom door to the left and the basement door to the right.  Hence the “Hall of doors.”

After successfully hanging the door it was time to take it to the workshop and paint it gloss white.  We tried out a new product Floetrol to prevent brush strokes, after several attempts we got the combo right and the results speak for themselves!


Door back up, this time for good!

You can’t have a French door without a box lock right?  We wanted a vintage lock and handle but we couldn’t find one that we liked so we went with this one from a box store.


I used my new laminate router to notch out for the strike plate.  We did something different with the strike plate.  Because the door is going to be open most of the time, and because it is in a high traffic area we painted the wood inside black so it looks just like shadows and you don’t have to look at bare wood.


A pretty cool trick if I do say so myself, I guess I need to do this to the bathroom plate as well….

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