Playing catch-up: #3 The Kitchen

Project run spring 2010.

We knew from the moment we walked into the house for the first time that the kitchen was going to need work.  The cabinets were new, a light oak, the counter top and back splash was a sea of powder blue laminate.  The laminate had come unattached in some spots so if you weren’t careful where you put something you could knock something else over.  By the looks of it, the original sink and faucet, knicks, scratches and dents, had been installed back into this beautiful counter top.  The lighting was another story; our chandelier was a beautify (no, not really) faux, antiqued, colonial inspired, bronze lamp with a three way switch on the bottom.

Even with all this we decided to put the kitchen off until after the living and dining rooms were done.  I almost forgot the best part, 1 month into homeownership our upstairs bathtub decides to leak through the ceiling in the kitchen so we ended up with a large hole in the kitchen ceiling.

The powder blue laminate had to go, we knew that.  We also knew we needed a bigger refrigerator and a new microwave, so getting new cabinets was out of the budget.  So we did the next best thing, ditched the off white knobs and replaced them with a black wire design we found on amazon.  Our dream counter tops were granite or quartz, but both were out of our budget, so we went with a stone looking laminate replacement with a full ogee edge pattern.

In the process of tearing the laminate off we were able to run electrical for a garbage disposal (something the previous owners had skipped when they got the new cabinets) but also replace the old under counter lighting with lighting pucks. We also sprayed some foam around the window, solving our draft issue.

If you can’t get granite countertops you might as well get a real stone backsplash.  We had never tiled before but then again we had never done half the stuff we had already done before.  With the help of friends, parents, a wet saw and a laser level it went quickly. Not bad for our first tiling job.  We also used the epoxy based grout, a bit time consuming, a bit more investment up front but less maintenance in the long run.

Finally we come to the ceiling; with everything we had done we couldn’t leave the big hole in the ceiling.  That is when it hit us, if we already have 1 hole, why not add a couple more.  So we ditched the 1 kitchen light and replaced it with 6 pot lights and we replaced the old kitchen chandelier with a new one controlled with a switch.  We were fortunate that we happened to be at Lowes one day and came across some of their plastic faux tin tiles that they were getting rid of, they were a hideous green/bronze, but marked down from $20 to $1.   Hideous green/bronze, meet Kilz primer.  They didn’t have enough tiles to do the entire kitchen but just enough for where the lights were.  All that was left was to put a piece of molding up as a border and skim coat the rest of the ceiling to hide the old sand paint.

As in the other rooms we replaced the entire colonial baseboard with our 3 piece, and all the casings were the home made flutes.  We wanted to go with a less formal look in the kitchen so we used rosettes in the corners around the doorways rather than the frieze that we had used in the living room and dining room.

Some help with the raging the walls from the in-laws and we were done.  Now if we could only get some art on the walls…

As always, enjoy the pictures.

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